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04 May 2011 @ 11:52 pm
wasteland ; pg-13  
aka what i think the aftermath of prom should be like:

“Move it, Eyebrows!”

Sanatana kicked an infected body out of the way, as she turned back, snarling at Blai—what’shisface. She wanted to leave him behind, but Karofsky and Lauren weren’t having any of it, insisting that they’d stay together. She relented, but sorely regretted it, as Blaine emptied his stomach again on the side of the road.

Fifth time in an hour.

Tugging at her mangled prom dress, she whirled around and squatted, sighing as she watched Lauren try to pull the boy up while Karofsky scanned the perimeter, standing guard with a magnum in his hands. Dammit, by the looks of it, they had a snowball’s chance in hell of getting to Dayton by tomorrow. Santana squints down the length of I-75, before stomping back towards the rest of the group.

The poor sap’s boyfriend turned right before his eyes on prom night and then tried to give him a permanent hickey by ripping out his throat? Tough shit, live with it.

“San…” David started, before falling into silence, rummaging through his jean pocket for something, and clasping onto it, “let’s just keep moving.”

The girl huffs, before trotting out in the front once more, not catching David quietly passing on a stick of gum to Blaine, and the small smile of gratitude he received in turn.