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28 April 2011 @ 01:42 am
i like it. i really do, but lately as i actually WATCH the show, i realize that er.

i don't really like kurt all that much. it's kind of become, 'i'm mildly invested in your situation because i guess dave likes you'.

then i hop onto the internet, and everyone has me convinced this is my otp for the ages.

then i watch the show. and the cycle repeats.

it shouldn't be a surprise that i love dave to bits and pieces.

kurt on the other hand. hey bro, hey.

and i suppose, same thing for blaine. blaine doesn't even register in my head when he's on the screen. like oh. cool, dude. sup. o/

so it's a little awkward fawning over essentially what is half a couple.

this bit of nonsense is brought to you by 1:30 am and a stupid idiot.